So by now you should be feeling that you already know about lolita... Alright fine, Adults dressing up in little doll clothes right?... well not exactly.

Lolita clothing was inspired by Victorian children's wear.
And there are many different types along with this "doll"-ish clothing.

Goth lolita
--Guro lolita

Romantic lolita

Qi and Wa lolita

Country lolita

Sweet lolita

Innocent lolita 


FYI: There is no such thing as innocent lolita or romantic lolita, those are made due to my sorting skills.
I also eliminated some styles.

Casual Lolita: light lolita not so decked out could be a basic tea party dress
Hime Lolita: (my romantic) princess lolita
Shiro Lolita: lolita's that only wear white
Kuro Lolita: lolitas that only wear black
Sailor Lolita: enough said
Ero Lolita: underwear (erotic) lolita
Cosplay Lolita: lolita with cat ears or other cosplay traits
and Aristocrat: (i skipped this since it is basically victorian goth)

Below are Basic lolita, ones i couldn't or didn't wish to sort.

Aesthetics of a Different Kind