I believe introductions are in order

So I will begin with saying hello to all you Humans and those of you who wish to be otherwise.

I was a mistake from the beginning, through fates twists and turns, my mother somehow found herself with me to care for. I am not surprised I was a mistake due to the fact that I've long known of my reincarnation into this pathetic form. However my abilities were stopped since at the mere age of eight months my father fell down the steps with me. Yet do not fret, I cushioned his fall and he was uninjured. However due to these events I no longer had the abilities I was supposed to have, and so I wait, patiently masquerading myself as you until i am to regain my lost powers. I plan to rule the world one day, but do not fret, I will not expect much change for that. I am not aiming for world domination, I only want the world to love me, and know my name, so through being a fashion designer, I hope to take the world by storm, wish me luck.

I have attracted the strange and unusual since I was born and so it naturally led e to face facts, I find the usual things in life boring and superficial and have come to be fond of all that is odd, dark, or just unexpected.

I love my life and how it is and I welcome new things and the strange, I hope you can enjoy what I do.

Here Below, see our beautiful group ^_^.

Aesthetics of a Different Kind