There are so many different types of goth, and so many misconceptions. So instead of wasteing your time, someone else has already come up with an informative video.
Her website is and she helps with any questions

I have sorted these into the following Categories
Victorian (my fav)

I know there are many more types than that, but I can't do everything, maybe one day...

Another ting I can tell you is what goth is not.
Goth is NOT evil, we are not homicidal, suicidal, depressed, or looking to shoot up anything.
Basically Everything listed on this site

Is everything we are NOT
You may find it strange that I am giving a site link of someone convincing you that goth is satanic, but I am offering it up, as one of the biggest stereotyping conservative views, when i read this i was laughing at it, everything is absolutely wrong. 
Even their "proof" and lists of murderers, once a year, lets now make a list of everyone who has had ever worn lets say glasses, and make a list, it would be about the same. Nitpicking at numbers to pathetically trying to prove your point, is just wrong.

Below is a gallery of Images I collected, click to enlarge, I apologize in advance for the inconsistency of the sizes.

Aesthetics of a Different Kind