I don't update much but I feel its not too necessary.....
So yes, I dont quite get on here, i guess its part of my lack of keeping up with big projects.

So one event that has now emerged is Dorian's Parlor in Philadelphia.

If you want a cultural experience in the victorian/gothic field, this is where to go. It's a  social gathering of the refined.
So my background picture wouldn't show, so i had to change the color I will fix it later but for now here is the temporary color.
Life's been grand, Life's been hell. I am so busy even I can't tell.

Have to do a lifes worth of work in a day

so my update may seem odd today.
So I've been a bit lazy... well not really overworked is more like it... so yeah not much for lolita stuff today, soon but not now.
So I finally got each page loaded and all the pictures I have up. Of course I plan to add more over time but I actually have it al on!!!!!!! yay

So here you go update on my links page and kodona is now functional yay!! 
So In thinking that I would be able to update I went to my computer after christmas, and it broke >_<  luckily i had a warrenty.

So hopefully i will finally be posting some items of merit soon 

till then  my appologies.

Wow I have done a lot. I added to my small list of styles and branched out into the infinites trying to detail what I could. 
I do hope it work
I began organizing my images today so you can expect some updates soon, , sorry for the blog font, I'm still working on that problem.

I will be adding lots more categories, due to the fact that these don't cover all of it... so,  wish me luck.

Aesthetics of a Different Kind